No Licence Shop is an independent retailer set up in 2015 by Mark Dear and Felix Dean. Intent on hand sourcing one-off sportswear & designer pieces available to buy or rent.


In 2015, Artist and Illustrator Mark Dear was made redundant by his then employer and decided to take his career into his own hands. Having grown up in South East London, Mark was fully integrated into the ever expanding & varied street wear fashions & realised this was where his passion lay. His desire to consciously source items from different locations to the masses led him to devise a plan to run a store. While attending a short business course, he was selling streetwear & vintage clothing to raise money for his creative endeavors. He was going back & forth with Felix, sharing their most recent purchases & sales, and talks of a collaborative venture together materialised, No Licence Shop


Felix Dean has played football for as long as he can remember. Travelling across London for matches, and to see his parent’s, bus journeys provided a visual insight into the lives of many. Although feeling distant from the looks & brands he gazed upon, it wasn’t until an injury halted his football career that he found his passion for expressing himself through clothing. The sporting world required attire to be practical, durable & affordable. He soon amassed a wardrobe of obscure pieces and started to sell to fund his then elaborate lifestyle. Having done this for many years, an off chance meet with Mark on a night out led to talk about taking things seriously, No Licence Shop. The intention is to create a selling platform where items and the culture behind them can be appreciated, and purchased at reasonable prices.