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Nike 'Air Super CB' UK 11 1997

  • Unworn, with original box. 


    1997 release.


    A few small marks throughout due to age. And light yellowing on mid sole. Air bubble cloudy, light wear recommended. 


    The man behind the shoes is Charles Barkley, a proffesional basketball player playing for Houston Rockets at the time. A very popular trainer that hasn't been retroed. 


    • UK - 11
    • US - 12
    • EU - 46
    • CM - 30


    Please be aware that shoes made pre 2000 are worn at the owners risk. Light wear, if any is recommended. There is a possibility they can crack or crumble so we advise they’re worn around the house to ‘break them in’ before stepping outside. Regardless each is a piece of history, and shoes like it won’t be made again.


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