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'Who's Copying Who?'

'Who's copying who?' - Dapper Dan, famed for dressing rappers in bootleg Gucci & LV throughout the 90s.

Bootleg. Fueled by the consumers reluctance to pay retail price for designer brands & wavering loyalties to the label; a substitute, an imitation piece often never produced under the top fashion houses is a desirable alternative. With many influences/stimuli taken from the 'streets' Dapper Dan questions who is copying who when it comes to 'knock offs' as the original ideas are rarely clear cut.

With Guess making a strong resurgence into fashion 'circles', pioneered by Round Twos Sean Wotherspoon & his involvement in the recent Guess 'Farmers Market' line inspired by vintage Guess pieces; coming across Bootleg sets like this is a joy to behold.

Product featured; Vintage Bootleg 90s Guess Two Piece Sets

Model – @afrolion

Photography – @malcolmteferi

Styling – @doodoofe

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