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Ashley Walters live Q+A with Audio ID

Audio ID is a live Q+A series that gives guest artists the chance to create their own short playlist of tracks which have contributed towards making them the person they are today; a musical biography. In between each song played, a conversation will be built with the artist and host about the sentimental value each unique song holds.

Join Audio ID as they dive deep into the life and career of award winning actor and musician Ashley Walters. He'll be taking us on a journey through his days with the groundbreaking garage/grime collective So Solid Crew, his most recent leading rolls in Top Boy, to the action packed crime drama Bulletproof currently on Sky1; all taking place on a stage designed to immerse you into his multifaceted world.

Mark Dear, No Licence Shop, helped with set design. And some pieces prominent from the era feature alongside Ashley Walters. Check the full video to see him try on one of the Avirex jackets.

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