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No Licence sits down with Ella Knight

Following the release of her latest single 'All Around' & subsequent music video; Felix, No Licence, sat down with singer-songwriter Ella Knight to talk about her approach to music, fashion and what she has in the works for the rest of 2021 & beyond...

Afternoon Ella Knight; 'All Around' was your first release for over a year. How was that time away from pushing content changed or educated your approach to music?

Hey, I'm not sure if you know but I recently graduated from university which had my devoted attention for a while. However, during that time away I've also been honing in on my skills, and exploring creatively with friends. I've learnt to install self discipline, and set goals; I feel more confident in my approach, and assured that I can create the music I want to.

Without detailing specific subject matter, what do you want the listener to feel when hearing 'All Around' for the first time?

I want to empower the listener, enable them to be bold with their decisions without worry or apprehension. I feel the situation I've tried to detail is one many can relate to. Within all that deeper meaning, I want to bring joy to the listeners day too. Make them feel good.

The video for 'All Around' was filmed by long term collaborator Galen Bullivant, can you tell me a little more about that creative relationship & how the video came about?

I honestly think it's really important to have creative / productive relationships with friends too, being an independent artist it can be challenging considering all elements to a release. Having friends to bounce ideas off is essential.

The 'All Around' music video was conceptualized in the pub. We had the idea in the evening, and started shooting the following morning. We intended to have fun with it, I trusted Galens videography and we're both really pleased with the outcome.

There were a few pieces from the No Licence Archive seen in your video. How important is incorporating your own unique fashion style alongside the music? Where do you take influence from? People need an insight into me, as Ella, and communicating through fashion is an interesting way of maintaining existing and engaging new fans. As an artist it's important to have a strong aesthetic, it's only going to make you more memorable. My style is a mixture of class & street. I like pairing baggy tracksuits with cute tops, vintage pieces with newer stuff & vibrant colours with primary ones. Like the look we compiled for the 'All Around' video, new age luminous green Nike x Stussy bottoms with a mad vintage white leather Avirex jacket!

What's in the pipeline for the rest of the year, and are there plans for a EP to follow the release of 'All Around'?

I've really missed being able to sing live in front of people, that gives me a real buzz. I'm performing at the Jazz Cafe as part of the Future Bubblers - How Far We've Come show case, and then DJ'ing at Yazmin Lacey's House Party (Wigflex) event at Fisher Gate Point in Nottingham. I'll have more live dates to announce imminently.

And in regards to an EP, I think it's in the works but my main focus is to keep on creating, collaborating and developing as an artist.

Thank you for spending a moment with us, we're super excited to watch your development, and we'll always be here to help when & where we can Ella.


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